Ashen DLC Boss Run

I was honored to lead the environment team during the production of Ashen's Nightstorm Isle DLC. I had a hand in most areas of environment art production, working closely with design and concept art departments from the beginning to create a playable and visually interesting world. I managed the environment team throughout production and also directly contributed to set dressing, material creation, performance optimization and lighting/atmospherics for the entire level.

There were many other artists who contributed to the realization of this level, the screenshots shown reflect their work as well as my own. Huge shout outs to the DLC team: Claire Chin, David Peryman, Kyle Chin, Josh Rawlings, Erica Cai, isaiah Fogalele, Steven Chen, Hamish Fraser as well as my leads, Dave Alve and Leighton Milne who provided exceptional support throughout the project.

Credit to Isaiah Fogalele for taking the panoramic screenshots.