Architectural Renderings Gallery

All of the following images were produced while working in the Architectural Visualization Division of Neezo Inc. I did all of the lighting, texturing and Photoshop work, and most of the modelling. My specific involvement in each project is listed below each image.

I did all of the modelling, texturing and lighting in Maya (using Mental Ray). I added the landscaping in Photoshop. I did not model the car.


The base model was provided, I modelled additional details and did the texturing and rendering using Vray. I added the landscaping using Photoshop.

I modelled, textured and lit this house in Maya using Mental Ray. Landscaping was done in Photoshop.

I modelled the building and surrounding area using Maya. I also did the texturing and lighting (using Vray) and the Landscaping in Photoshop. I did not model the cars.

I modelled this house and surrounding area in Maya. I did the texturing and lighting using Mental Ray, and added landscaping in Photoshop.

Arch_8I modelled and textured all of the homes using Maya. Rendering was done using Mental Ray. I composited this scene as well (adding landscaping, background, etc.). I did not model the cars.

Arch_5 I did not model this building, but I did model the surrounding area. I did the lighting and texturing in Mental Ray, as well as all of the Compositing in photoshop. I did not model the cars.